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Meet the Artist

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Graylon A. Freeman

Graylon A Freeman is a multi-media artist, painter and illustrator, who grew up in the rich artistic era of the 60's thriving Motown Sound in Detroit, Michigan.  In a household that was rooted in the tenants of biblical faith, early on, Graylon was influenced by the stories that were being told through the Rhythm & Blues of Motown and the imagery of the fascinating stories of the Bible. This interest was nurtured by a natural desire to sketch, which quickly grew into an innate ability to express himself through drawing and painting.

Graylon’s passion for art and drawing never waned, and by his teenage years, he was using a wide variety of techniques and media. After attending the University of Detroit on an art scholarship, Graylon went on to become a minister and learned to bring scriptures and  exciting biblical stories to life through his multi-media paintings and drawings.  Throughout his 43-year career as an evangelist, he never abandoned his artistic talent, but used it as an avenue to transpose the messages he proclaimed with graphic illustrations and representations for his audiences.  Graylon has taught Art Fundamentals at the Normandie Christian School of Los Angeles, CA, and for physically and emotionally challenged youth and adults at the Robinson Ranch Equestrian Center of Phoenix, AZ.  

Graylon is the creator of a very unique technique he refers to as “Essence Portraits,” which, through graphite, ink, pastels and oil paintings, captures the core aspects of the client's personality -- "the essence of you!" 

Graylon lives in the quiet Forest Hill community in Olive Branch, MS, a suburb of Memphis, TN, with his wife Angela, who is his biggest supporter and inspiration.  Retreating to his art studio, he finds his outlet, his passion, through expression in his art. Whether expressing an idea from his thoughts, or working on a commissioned piece, Graylon says, "I enjoy adding a unique perspective to my work in order to make each piece unique and memorable." 


Select works by G.A.Free Artistry will be showcased and available for purchase at the annual awards banquet of The April 4th Foundation, Inc., which will be held at the Hilton Memphis, 939 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN, on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Commission pieces, public speeches, and art classes are also available.

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